What are people in other countries doing as I wake up, go to work, eat lunch, and go back to bed? What lies beyond the horizon in other parts of the world, where the sun does not always rise over mountains and hills and sets over the ocean as it does in San Diego? What are the expectations for people from cultures different from my own and how does their thought process differ from mine regarding similar experiences. I discovered answers to these, and many other questions, through life scenarios during my travels, whether on a motorcycle, car or plane, and through my experiences as a nurse.

My name is Luis Moreno, native to the San Diego – Tijuana metropolitan area, a Registered Nurse, an adventure seeker, and a World citizen. This blog reports my observations, thoughts and emotions I experience while travelling as well as those I encounter as a nurse. It holds topics on motorcycling, travel, healthcare and cultural awareness, but by no means is it intended to be any sort of travel guide, source for health management, nor an absolute on any given subject. Instead, any publication is purely my own opinion and description of my reflections regarding a specific matter.

I make these accounts public for my friends and family, and anyone else who may find themselves intrigued or curious by the events I relate. Through the occurrences outlined in this blog I have found personal growth, self-discovery, and came to the realization that, although it is the same world we all live in, there is an endless number of perspectives in each individual that inhabits it.